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Zell Customer Service Number – Send and Receive Money Online without Hassle

Today is the era of online payment; people are using it like never before. Considering this as a huge opportunity, many companies have released online transaction platforms, but Zelle is standing tall above all. It integrates a hassle-free way to send and receive money from anyone in your trusted contacts. People who you are sending and receiving money from must be using a US-based bank account which is eligible for using Zelle. Before you start making an online payment using Zelle, you must register with an email address and phone number using Wells Fargo Online® or Wells Fargo Mobile®.

Zelle pay is empowered with online security Guarantee which led all the online transactions to be safe and secure. Online security works in such a manner that it prompts an illegal user to access your account and start any sort of transaction. However, to avail this security guarantee, one must agree to the terms and conditions of online security guarantee. You can contact Zelle customer service number in case of any unauthorized access is held through your account.


About Zelle & Money Limitations

To your knowledge, let’s tell you that there is a limit to the amount of money you can send to your contact. The limit is for daily use and month as well, but it will be depending on your account, recipient, and the transaction history. The best part of using Zelle is that there is no limit on how much amount you can receive in a day or month, but at the same time sending limit will be applied the sender sending you the money.

While initiating a transaction, you don’t need to worry about the time the payment will deliver as it will reach within seconds as soon as the recipients register with a valid US phone number or email address. There are some cases when the payment can get delayed for 2-3 business days and also the payment can get blocked if any suspicious activity is attached to the payment.

For any transaction you make with Zelle, you will be keep updated with the text messages sent by Wells Fargo. You may get a text message from the company when you add a new recipient, when you initiate a transaction, when you receive the payment, and so on. You will receive text messages from 93557 or 93729. However, you can also stop the message service by doing the needful as per the Zell policy.

To receive the money using Zelle, you must register in Wells Fargo Online with your email address and registered US phone number. The sender of money will first verify your authorization entering your registered email address and phone number, if it matches then he/she can send you money using Zelle. You will be notified through a text message when you receive money.

Zelle Customer Service

Using Zelle and its features is not a hassle but when an error is held, only Zelle customer service can be your savior at that point of time. When you contact the customer support team, you will get urgent help. Go and find the toll-free phone number under help and support section to contact Zelle customer care executive. Tech support agent makes sure that your query is resolved and you are satisfied. In case, you are not comfortable calling them directly, you can also opt for email support to send them your concern. You will get a quick reply with effective troubleshooting solution to resolve your query .

Frequently Asked Queries Solved by Zelle Customer Service Number

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There are innumerable queries asked by the customer, naming to few above. Zelle customer service number is purposely carved to fix all of these problems of users. The customer care team is full of experts who are experienced and have all knowledge to resolve any sort of issue happened to Zelle account. So feel free to call them regardless of the timing and nature of the problem.